About Us

Teközel, which was established in Yıldız Holding in 2003, is the first company established in Turkey to carry out production, sales and marketing of Private Label products. We are a reliable business partner for our customers with our wide range of products offered by our manufacturers and our rich experience in private label process management.

We have chosen the right product and service as our business model to deliver the right product at the right price, at the most reasonable cost, in order for our customers to achieve success in their business goals. This approach allows us to create a business environment in which both sides will gain.

The motivation of our professional team, which is working continuously to maximize service and product quality, increases the customer satisfaction regularly.

Being a part of Turkey’s largest food company, gives us the advantage to benefit from R&D and production capacity of our factory. Thanks to this, we provide our customers with world-class products and services easily and continuously.

We are proud of our financial stability while we serve in a risky business area. Yeni Teközel grows continuously and sustainably every year.